How to work with me


Why are you writing this user guide? What do you hope will be the result of writing and sharing this?

How I view success

What does being good at your job mean to you? What are your values that underpin your understanding of success?

How I communicate

How have other people described your communication style? What have you gotten feedback about in the past? How should others interpret what you do or say? What do you struggle to express? How do you like to stay in sync with others (email, chat, in-person)? What’s your availability outside of work hours?




How do I schedule my day



Things I do that may annoy you

What’s the cause of misunderstandings that you’ve had in the past? What are some things about your style that other people have given you critical feedback on? What quirks or mannerisms might unintentionally annoy a different personality type?

What gains and loses my trust

What actions can a person take to gain your trust? Conversely, what triggers you?

My strengths

What do you love to do and are good at? What can you help others with?

My growth areas

What are your blind spots? What are you working on? What can others help you with?

Additional Optional Sections:

What I expect from people I manage

What do you consider a stellar job for someone who reports to you? What do you consider a mediocre or bad job? What’s unique about your expectations that may differ from other managers?

How I give and receive feedback

What is your philosophy around feedback? What can others expect in receiving feedback from you? How would you prefer to receive feedback from others?