• 20 Jul 2020

    How to break into product

    This post elaborates upon previous content by product veterans something something

  • 28 Jun 2020

    Recycle your scars

    Product builders often hesitate to revisit old ideas and strategies assuming _"we know"_. This post encourages to rev...

  • 06 Jun 2020


    Today — June 6, 2020 — I decided to leave all generic social networks, coincidently run by Facebook corp. This is an ...

  • 24 May 2020

    PM Frameworks: to each their own

    Which is the best framework for product feature prioritization? Have you tried to use a framework from Google or Amaz...

  • 17 May 2020

    On tweetstorms

    Twitter offers an endless flow of information organic conversations you can follow — or just follow along — in a high...

  • 15 Apr 2020

    Gazing Triangles

    Eye contact plays a major role in communication but can have nuanced meaning across cultures. This post summarizes th...

  • 10 Apr 2020

    Blog less, Journal More

    Hello world, again 👋🏼

  • 02 Feb 2020

    On being paratroopers

    In 2015, my wife and I quit our promising careers in Karachi 🇵🇰, packed up our entire life in a few bags and moved to...