Hey! I’m Osama Khan, a product builder based out of Vancouver 🇨🇦. I’m a tech optimist,  fanboy and work with the product team at Segment.

I’m generally interested in Complexity, Machine Learning, Philosophy, Databases, Product, Pricing/Monetization, Privacy and Strategy.

If you are specifically interested in bayesian networks, master-less crdt, embedded databases, delay/disruption tolerant networking, capability-based o/s, differential privacy, distributed reinforcement learning, behaviour design and/or assistive ai –– like me –– I’d love to buy you a virtual coffee; or tea!

I am dabbling around all of this and more at Wardenclyffe{io, ai, os} –– my creative project I want to pursue full-time post-Segment –– and looking for friends who also believe in customer-obsessed, product-led teams building humane tech backed by well-aligned incentive models.

Previously, I led product at Streamlabs (acq. Logitech) and prior to being a full-time product person I’ve dabbled as engineering lead, teacher, investment banker, startup founder, computer repair person and coding bootcamp mentor.

Fun fact: I lived with an undiagnosed voice disorder for 30 years of my life and then went through a life changing therapy a few years ago. This is how I sounded for most of my adult life:

osamakhn · pre-2018 falsetto disorder

And this is how I sound post-therapy.

osamakhn · 2020 - Voice - Demo

Ofc, this fun fact came with it’s own life challenges but if we are not progressing forward then who are we! You can also follow me or get in touch on Twitter.

Things I ♥️

Some of my favourite Apple ecosystem apps include: Things3, Mindnode, CleanShotX, Superhuman, Bear, Nova, SizeUp, Loom, Alfred, iTerm, 1Password and Sketch. This blog is built using Jekyll and hosted at Netlify.

I’m in love with SwiftUI and appreciate yet detest Electron. I prefer sticking to Swift, C, Typescript and Python for my day to day hacking. Also, VueJS > ReactJS, Postgres > MySQL and LMDB > LevelDB any day!

Blogrolls were once a thing. We are going through times where newsletter and podcast subscriptions are primary sources of income for many creators. I believe in this creator economy! Under this modern blogroll, I maintain a list of newsletters, blogs and podcasts I consume. Let’s bring blogrolls back and help the creatives find their true fans.

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